Independent national electoral commission announce that president Muhammadu Buhari will be the president of Nigeria which is great to the magnitude of Nigerians but on the other hand, we have some Nigerians who will prefer a young blood likeOmoyele Sowore. Omoyele been vibrant might have made a difference though. At the other hand we have Mr Abubakar Atiku the opposition leaderr of PDP who has sworn to contest this in court since he believes the election results were rigged and unfair.
I congratulate president Buhari and my encouraging words are below. It is time for a difference and it is time for improvement. Let us have all hands on deck to move our country forward. It is a shame, some lives were lost, I wish their families peace. May their souls rest in peace.

Below are my comments to president Buhari on Twitter.

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I concur. The same thing I said yesterday.  Never mock anyone who is down,  not necessarily meaning that they are innocent either. Some of them have derogatory posts about you. Be focused and mature. … never know tomorrow.  Smiles. #tinutinoshow
Please mean it and implement necessary plans, sir. No more broken promises, just action because we are all one. Let’s live and work unanimously. Remember to equip the physically challenged too, since they are talented. Youths should be employed and educated, focus on them
We look forward to positive expectations that can benefit the weak, homeless, youths and widows without favoritism, tribalism, or nepotism. Please, sir, prove those who re-elected you well. May the almighty God lead your team and bless Nigerians. This is an opportunity for improvement

Congratulations to you, uncle  

 . Please surprise Nigerians who voted you. Remember, the magnitude of Nigerians are truly hungry and angry at the situation on the ground. Inflation on food and no good health service. Create opportunities and fight crime without favoritism or tribalism

.I like

 , believing there are firm laws and differences he would have laid down. At the other hand

 can as well use this opportunity to create jobs and schemes for youths, revamp the health system and listen to Nigerians. I would have voted

 not Atiku

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TinuTino · 15 March 2020 at 5:03 PM

What can you say about the president today?

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