Most Nigerians do enjoy flimsy unproductive things rather than reality. For example; they will send junks which ask ten people to pass it around to claim the blessings, they will say amen to junks posted on social media even if the message sounds dodgy, where they are commanded to claim a mansion or a car, they will send videos with flowers claiming they want ‘I love you’ back and many more. No surprise their overzealousness for 10 years challenge. Please, can you all join hands to push out corrupt religious leaders and corrupt politicians who are killing the future of the youths? Can you use your unanimous voice to rebuild health system and the country instead of flimsy stuff? Can’t you join hands to protect the lives of those who are being used for money rituals? 




Wouldn’t It be great to work unanimously in unity to rebuild Nigeria? 

I believe that since a lot of Nigerians can easily say ‘amen’ to cars and mansions on social media as approval that they have already owned such a car or mansion, the same way they can join hands to implement whatever they want in Nigeria. Can you see how many Nigerians joined hands to copy 10 years challenge on social media? That should prove to you that we can work productively as a team to make the country better. Please focus and be real for once!

There is still hope.  Click to listen, share and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Nigeria and hope!

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