I am wishing all women a happy women’s day globally!

Women are the mothers of the world, as we know that every person came from a woman. That is so enthralling, isn’t it? A woman works hard to make sure her children are warm, happy, properly fed, and comfortable. It is not easy.

A  woman goes to work or works from home to support the father, family or her children but still works extra hours as a woman.

It is right to know that some women are good role models for the upcoming young females who look up to them in society today so that love, respect, and morality will radiate through. 

Women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March, every year to celebrate women’s achievement globally and throughout history. Also, to eliminate discrimination against women.





This is the time to draw each other near, not to stigmatise

Although, we cannot erase the fact that some women do stigmatise other women instead of showering them with encouragement and support during grey or challenging times, at the same time, a lot of women today are proud of each other’s achievements.

Some absentee fathers have left a big hole in the lives of many young people out there today. They blame single parents for atrocities committed by some children and even those wrongdoings of adults. Why blame single mothers who work so hard to facilitate their children’s career and bright future?

Let us remember that some women face sexual harassment at work, female gender mutilation, they are raped, some died from domestic violence, some are suffering from acid attack, some are still in a dangerous relationship or marriage, some are underpaid and some girls are used as sex slaves. Can you see that women need to be strong for these victims? I am wishing you all the best. 

It is time for empowerment!

It is a good development to know that some women have already formed groups and organisations to draw each other near through educative classes, networking, events, and counselling. This is a way to create an avenue for a peaceful world and also to add the inclusion of women in exalted positions worldwide. It is also a great way to breed intelligent young women through reputable role model.

Keep doing your best.

Thank you, good women, worldwide.

Share and comment on ways to improve and develop women.



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