Let’s remind each other that everyone faces challenge/s in life. Some challenges can be financial insufficiency, health problem, relationship or marriage breakdown. For those who face marital or relationship challenges, not all of them end well. We handle it is differently, which leads to either separation, divorce or unfavorable decision. Some end well! Not all those who are single mothers or single fathers today are guilty of infidelity, waywardness, impatience, indiscipline, irresponsibility or unworthiness. Some of them are quite responsible. Unfortunately, they find themselves as single parents but they give their children the best education and discipline. Barack Obama is successful today, he grew up without a father in his life. Loius Smith, a British athlete grew up without a father either. Don’t get me wrong, it is better to have both parents involved in a child’s life!

Some fathers deliberately reject their children after divorce or even while in a relationship

You cannot blame some women who work hard to build a good relationship which finally ended badly. What can they do if fathers refuse to take care of their children? Not all mothers are on benefits sitting at home waiting for the next club or party, no. We have extremely cultured single mothers today who leave room for fathers to play their role but they refuse. We also have mothers who show irresponsibility by leaving their children with their fathers while they move away with boyfriends. So wrong and unfortunate.

Some people need to understand that some children will turn out bad and unruly no matter how much is spent on them to receive the best education. The same children who received the best education and discipline from best private school can be seen on the streets as thugs or gang members. Don’t be surprised that some gang members are from both parent family, in fact, some had or have pastors as their parents.

Some fathers deliberately refuse to take part in their children’s life 

Very wrong and insensible to blame single fathers or single mothers over the rampant killings on London streets these days. Some youth from both parents relationship are worse than those from a single parent home. That doesn’t mean it is good to bring up children without both parents, but what happens if there’s bereavement, divorce, or similar? Some ladies are even bold enough to make live chat blaming and condemning single mothers for gang killings. They say, single mothers, disallow fathers from children’s lives and they attend party or clubs often? Really? Are you kidding me? Do you know how many men out there, will turn a deaf ear to lives of their children? Do you know how many children from single-parent homes are very successful today? The bottom line is to face the problem on ground and way forward to improving lives of those youth who are feeling hopeless and dismayed. Yes, we need fathers to play their roles just as mothers too need to show full concern and attention to their children’s lives. 

It’s not about single mothers or single fathers, it is about the way forward!

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Ikechukwu · 17 April 2018 at 10:20 PM

Crime is Crime, it’s not caused by single parenthood. There are single parents in countries with the lowest crime rate.

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