When your husband calls you to open up to you about his love for a man instead of you his wife of almost three decades, that is improbable, you will not jump up to say, yes, I am glee, especially if you love him dearly. You will be worried and sad!
“It has in recent times consumed my head” Philip Schofield’s words as he expresses his love for a man and no more his wife, Stephanie Lowe or women sexually.


Philip Schofield is gay

Philip Bryan Schofield is an English TV presenter for ITV. He co-presents dancing on the ice and This morning.
He has been married for 27 years with two daughters but says his wife, children, and family are treating him with love and kindness after he opens up to be gay. They are understanding he says. Mostly, he has the support of his wife and family.
Normally, it will be a relationship that turns from love to heartbreak, but he says she understands. It wouldn’t have been easy as been said, but all in the open now, as he will be relieved.
How do you know your husband is gay? There are ways to know, read the attached blog, very helpful.
As for the woman, she will know when it is time to open her heart to love again,  I wish her the best. Though the good news here is that Philip still loves his daughters and family, which is understandable.
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