When you start a loving relationship you never wish it to turn sour, hence the reason why it hurt so much when it ends bad. We were born to love, to share, to make love, to bond physically and emotionally with the right partner, which is the reason why we should give love a chance? 

We all deserve to love, and be loved in return

 Yes, love truly can hurt, doesn’t it heal broken mind? Doesn’t it bring fulfilment to body and soul? Doesn’t it stabilise your brain and doesn’t  it make you feel young again? Love reduces depression symptoms and it makes you happier. www.tinutinoshow.com

Men  and women are not all the same

 Men and women are all the same with the same cruel attitude to hurt you, NO! We think differently. Put your pain behind you, leaving your heart free and open to new love.
Many people will tell you about their bitter experience of loving the wrong person but does that mean they will close their mind to love completely?  At a stage they may not feel happy with the situation, don’t forget that but immediately they heal their mind,;they can love again. 
 Assuming they do not trust their judgement, they will permanently close their mind to love.
Some people will say, they are not ready for a new relationship, in case another person breaks their heart blatantly, but they should remember that a better person is not far away.
How do you know the right person? 
When the right person surfaces, he or she will tick more than 8 0% of your box to the extent that you question yourself if you are dreaming?  That person will support your dream without feeling threatened by your success. 
Both of you will know it is right to give love a chance. 

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TinuTino · 15 October 2017 at 4:08 PM

Love is bliss.

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