What will happen now that the United Kingdom (UK ) is now out of the European Union?

For stronger security, policy, and democracy, the UK joined the European Union (EU) on the 1st of January 1973.

The UK is now out of the European Union. What happens next?

After 52% of voters  (about 17.4 million voters) voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, Britain finally left the EU today, January 31st, at 11 pm, 2020. Though, some people are still vacillating.


Why did the UK leave the EU? Before we discuss why the British people left the EU, let us understand why they joined the EU from the onset. 

The leaders believe it will make problem-solving and decision making easier, not forgetting security and democracy.


Why did over 17 million people vote to leave the EU?

  • Most people and the leaders who voted leave believed that the UK will have control over its own borders and immigration as too many people flood into the country on a daily basis without income or direct focus. This doesn’t apply to everyone 
  • The cost of becoming a member of the EU is sky too high. That’s about £17 billion of which about £4 billion discount is given
  • They believe the British people can face success and situation without joining the EU
  • There have been exploding numbers of unemployed people due to the influx of people coming in the country as access became passable through immigration. Also, it will reduce poverty as they predicted that poorer countries might join the EU which will increase problems as almost two million people came into the UK in the last ten years. 
  • There was less value for British currency due to the single currency.


Preventing unnecessary implications of leaving the EU

If there is no appropriate free trade agreement, goods that are been moved around the EU might incur heavy charges and checks

There might be tariffs or taxes on UK goods travelling to the EU and other countries where there are barriers

They believed there were no distinctive problem-solving skills in policies.  Dealing as a single market trade where policies were complied to, led to multiple discrepancies and distrust.

They need to discuss supplies of gas and electricity

How the UK can have access to fishing waters

Don’t forget the connection to medical organisations that supply medicines. They will need to discuss licensing and regulations of drugs amidst a lot of deals to be met.

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