Can you love your previous girlfriend or boyfriend whom you lost contact with decades ago?

I do not know how some people describe their feelings of love but I will say that it is like pouring some water from a jar to quench your thirst and it keeps refilling itself each time you are satisfied. You will feel happily fulfilled and connected wouldn’t you? Love soothes your need, pains and lonely space.  Love is that intimate passion that makes you happy, relaxed, and fills any empty space with assurance.

Some people do say that you do not choose who you fall in love with, but after all, they might have a point. This blog is about loving someone you lost contact with decades ago and loving such person for who he is or who she is without looking for faults or fantasy. If that means extra work or sacrifice beyond your expectation, so be it or else you know what to do. 

For some reasons, some people will feel happier going back to their previous lover or first love especially if there was no break-up. One thing to bear in mind is that people do change, you will not be going back to someone who remains the same decades ago. Are you ready for the experience? 





What do you do before falling in love with your previous lover or first love whom you lost contact with decades ago?

  1. Firstly, be very careful that you know who you are meeting in the first place. People do change, people have the tendency of changing, so watch and investigate thoroughly.
  2. Ask questions from that person, search the internet deeply, ask from his or her close relatives and friends too, only when you are certain, you can relax.
  3. Take it step by step to understand, but never expect too much either you are the male or female.
  4. Be happy without shying away from your old fashioned life-style discussion as that will add the uniqueness to your relationship (talk about the past you shared).
  5. Help the person in ways you can, but do not allow the person to take you for granted. 
  6. Be prepared to support the person in case of any health challenges

Once you both feel the same about each other, relate on the same level, discuss everything without barrier and you both love each other, you might be meant to be together forever. Try to tolerate and endure too (smiles). 

Place your cards on the table and be honest with each other as you begin to reignite your love.

Wishing you the best if you are back with your previous love.

How do you describe love from your experience and what is your experience with previous or first love whom you lost contact with decades ago?

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