Let me exhibit my naivety here readers, this is the first time of hearing this, though I am happy that I never tried it before! I know some people feel nonplussed the first time they hear that some women actually put ice lollies into their vaginas to cool it down. Also, some women would say, yes they do that all the time, but stop it right now, please.  Well, I felt bewildered and embarrassed to even imagine that, especially when one of my favourite round-shaped multi-colour ice lollies was one of the common ice lollies stuck into the vaginas by some women whenever they are hot (not judging them).

There are microbes in ice lollies which aren’t friendly to women’s private parts, not forgetting different kinds of deadly diseases out there these days like breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer among others. I am not insinuating that ice lollies cause cancer, NO!

Heatwave and ice lollies in vaginas never came to my mind at all, never did I know some women use ice lollies to cool their vaginas when it’s hot. I am not judging you.





What are the risks of putting ice lollies into your vagina?

There is a great need to educate and motivate yourself so that you will understand and have knowledge of your body, environment, and life. What is the point of hurting yourself thinking you are being relished?

Doctors explain that putting ice lollies into your vagina can introduce microbes to the intimate area, which can lead to vaginal irritation or infection 

You are allowing bacteria to grow, and lead to infections

The ice may stick to a delicate area in the vagina causing trauma or damage

Bacteria can lead to “infections, irritations, and damage”, says the doctor

The vagina needs natural PH, which the sugar in the ice lollies might affect 

Doctors warned that ice lollies or any food item should not be put into the vagina to avoid bacteria which can lead to infection.

Women, try to get into a cool or cold shower to help combat the heatwave. Not ice lollies, please.

Put ice lollies in your mouth, not into your vaginas.

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Have you opted to ice lollies to cool yourself down there or has anyone you know ever tried that before?




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