One of the lessons learned from my lovely parents is to remain contented wherever I find myself or whatever the situation is. When you are contented, you are able to adapt and able to forge ahead to achieve your goals regardless of hurdles of pains or turmoils you cross. These days, we watch videos and see images or photos where people exhibit or show off wealth, riches, styles, largesse vacation, holidays, designer wears, mansions and happy partner. Remember that phrase; not all that glitters is gold? Yes, that’s because we have a lot of fake people exhibiting stories of a fake life on social media.

Don’t fall for fake people and their fake life which they exhibit on social media

There are fake people on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Don’t fall for them but encourage the few who have positive intention with their true story or stories!  Don’t allow most of those untrue updates to bother you. A lot of them aren’t true. Some people are not happy in life, some aren’t religious as they claim, some are far from being wealthy, some people aren’t strong, and a lot of people these days aren’t happy in their relationships or marriage as they claim. In fact, some fathers don’t have a cordial relationship with their children but their updates will not highlight the truth. Don’t allow those type of people to distract you.  Rather, live your life and be contented.  Meanwhile, there are a few people who are really nice and their intentions are just purely to motivate you with their family stories and inspire you to be well developed. 
Recently, a Nigerian lady who is a popular actress who shows off expensive cars and wears on Instagram was publicly arrested and disgraced by the owner of the mansion which she showed off on Instagram, claiming it belonged to her. Also, she confessed that the expensive car isn’t hers, the mansion isn’t hers and other expensive things too. So you see what I mean? Life is too short, why not be happy where you are and work harder to achieve your dreams rather than joining fake people. No one will arrest you for living your life peacefully. Be yourself and be proud of whatever you have, either little or large!
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