When God created the world, He created man as the first human being on earth before creating a woman to match. Without men, we will not be in this world today (procreation). Men are fathers, dads, step-dads, uncles, mentors, teachers, motivators, friends, leaders, and lovers. They are masculine, they provide the necessities of life, and they are bold enough to protect their families as a fatherly figure. A child needs the father’s involvement so that he or she can learn more about life. We do have a huge number of children from single-mothers who have succeeded well in life without a father, don’t get me wrong. Their mental strength, education, ability, behaviour, and well-being depend on the father’s involvement and support. No child deserves an absentee father who doesn’t care.


Traits of a good father

A good father will always keep the needs and interests of his family abreast of other things. He will respect and appreciate his responsibilities such as maintaining his home by looking out for his wife and children, pay school fees, go out to work in a way to fend for his family, his work or business and maintain his life.

  • He will not depend on his woman to feed and clothe him (except he is ill or physically challenged).
  • A good father will love and take care of his children even though he is no more in love with his wife, girlfriend or partner.
  • A good father is a good role model for his children, while he motivates often because they look up to him.
  • A good father is caring, responsible and focused.
  • A good father listens to his children and wife.
  • A good father respects the mother of his children
  • A good father is full of compassion for his children and their needs.


Appreciation to good fathers

Today, I wish you a happy father’s day as you continue to support the family and children. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not, you are a good father. Thank you, for love, thank you for care, thank you for patience, and thank you, for pampering women. Happy father’s day. Please do not turn your back on your children who truly need your love.

Let us join hands to wish our good fathers, a happy father’s day. Share and comment.

What story will you like to share as a good father or, about your good father?.






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TinuTino · 16 June 2019 at 9:26 PM

Happy father’s day!

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