When someone steals your idea, it means they envy you, and they are desperate to tap some of that well-equipped knowledge stored in your brain box. Though, some people can be dodgy by stealing your idea instead of asking for advice on how to improve themselves. The truth is that it will hurt you but it is only for a while since you are a courageous hard working person. Don’t forget that in life, some people will disregard your hard work while they prefer to go behind your back and steal it. That means you are doing something good.





My personal experience of how a doctor stole my idea

I believe that it has got to a stage that there isn’t anything that can break me due to those excruciating past experiences I went through in life. Instead, I became firmer and developed over those years. This doctor and I had a written business agreement which was signed by both parties but suddenly, I realised that the doctor stopped fulfilling his agreement. Since he looked humble and quiet, it never occurred to me that he could turn dubious and hideous. Now, to my surprise, this doctor refused to reply to 79% of the emails and messages sent to him on illustrative plans and strategies on how to move his business forward not knowing that he knew what he was doing. One day, something made me open a link only to see most of my ideas been executed by this doctor with a presenter whom he knew through me but kept that a secret in order not to pay for adverts. Obviously, it annoyed me but guess what, I forgave him and moved on knowing I can do better. After saying my piece, he called me to explain and apologise but I asked him not to bother. My last statement was case closed and God bless you. Remember that you can always enhance your ideas which takes you ahead of the culprit or rogue. 


5 things to do when someone steals your idea and betrays you

1, Calm down without taking drastic action immediately you find out because you might overreact while you are angry. Think deeply about what to do to avoid your emotions running high.

2, Ask yourself over and over again if that person sincerely stole your idea or maybe he or she got it from somewhere else since ideas might sometimes be synonymous. 

3, Ask for attribution because the hard work belongs to you. Excuse me, don’t forget that you have to use a subtle or neutral voice to avoid confrontation. Ask for your brand or name on the content or image. After all, you need to be acknowledged.

4, Speak to your lawyer if you have the proof. Meanwhile, remember that if you ignore, it will only motivate you more to become stronger in the future.

5, Enhance the initial idea so that your performance will be better than theirs and also, it will give you a better result. I see some people get motivated and inspired by my skills and knowledge but don’t forget, only a wee percentage will return to say thank you, for being an inspiration. A lot of them will rather pretend not to notice you but they are stealing your idea. Smiles. 

My advice is that you should not trust everything you hear or expose your ideas. Learn how to hide any other idea from the culprit and reduce the trust completely. Try to keep your plans or ideas to yourself while you always transpose on a paper and keep somewhere safe! 


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