First, you ask yourself if you are happy the way you are today in life or not? Once you realise that you can become better, then, you now work towards those steps to becoming a better you! Take into consideration that some people around you are the wrong choice of friends, colleagues, associates, acquaintances, friends or relations. Once you are able to pick out the wrong seeds in your circle then you begin to work with the right people who think positively like you. It will help if you know who has the same intention as you. I notice that when some people have lost the willpower or focus they wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to achieve your goals other than discourage you or envy you. Whereas, if you are within a team or circle where dreams seem synonymous to yours, of course, it will make it easier by exchanging ideas and networking.

The three main points that work for some people I know, and obviously work for me are listed boldly below


1, Exonerate yourself from the wrong circle where people there never see your hard work expect your past mistakes or complaints. Because they have killed their dreams, they will either be jealous of your relentless efforts or discourage you from gaining success.

2, Motivation: This is that time you motivate yourself first by releasing the passion before you think of the rewards. For example, you may love to become an actor for a reason best known to you. The reason could be that you love watching yourself on TV or enjoy meeting others actors. To become that person you want, you should motivate yourself. You set yourself a task which can motivate you to keep you going on. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, the motivation builds up. When challenges crop up, you will keep going on progressively because the passion is there to motivate you.

Self-esteem is imperative if you are working towards a certain goal. When you have self-esteem, you believe in your judgment and trust your handiwork. It is a way forward to success. You can become whoever you wish to be. 

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