Can life be described as a euphemism? An old person who is now feeble and weary was once a sweet innocent baby. 

 Before I continue, let us quickly delve into the meaning of life according to my understanding. Perception is not reality, for life is ephemeral!


HMM, this world and euphemism! This world with the beginning and end which means every human who came to this world will leave one day. We came to this world without clothes (naked) we will leave naked too. All we accumulate in life will be left behind.  I just saw a woman who walked past in her African wear looking a bit cold but surprisingly, this was a friendly woman who used to tease us girls back in those days. The day I met her, I knelt down to show respect which my parents embedded in me regardless of being born in the UK or even been seen by non-Africans around me in the U.k. It beats me that we human beings forget that we will one day grow old if we are blessed to live longer than our parents. What about friends, colleagues, neighbours, and relatives who died before their ripe age? They are all gone without realising that death was close to them. What about those who recently died with their people posting previous images and videos to console themselves? This woman who once enjoyed loads of laughs, dance, and jokes, now walking sometimes without remembering to quickly wipe off her runny nose? Hmmm, what a life.
I can never mock, but i can’t tell you how such incident frightens me to even know that one day, I will be that old, unable to do some things which I enjoyed doing or could have easily done. 



How we move from active to inactive as an old person

Over 100 years old is called centenarian, Old people over 80 years old are called Octogenarians, Septuagenarians are older people above 70 years old. Taking my mum as an example, it breaks my heart sometimes when I watch my mum doing certain things. I remember that mum will walk into the bathroom and finish at the right time looking young and happy but these days, I sometimes query mum for staying long in the bathroom forgetting she is old, close to 80 years old. God forgive me. Happy mothers day to my lovely mum and all good mums out there.
Some people will suddenly grow old with some health issues which makes them do things that might not please us, so let us try to understand them. They brought us to this world, during those times that they did all they could do, to make us happy. Old people need help.


I couldn’t watch that nasty video where a grown man in glasses fiercely kicked an old fragile woman in her face

What could have warranted that? Nothing! The man kicked that woman while she sat quietly on the train but no one held him or challenged him. instead, a guy recording was only saying, wow wow. So Sad. Whatever the old woman did, she was not in control because she is old. Her brain is deteriorating, leaving her tired and weak like our old parents. So why hurt her? Once a baby, now an oldie! We need to make sure that their activities are effectively and safely supported each day. 
Every old person came to this world as a tiny baby who was fed, washed and clothed. 


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What do you think about the old man, aged 104 who ended his life today in Switzerland? He was unhappy as he aged in pains! 




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