Let us begin to discuss the Coronavirus pandemic that has affected most people from all walks of life without discrimination. It has affected some presidents, some members of the royal family, some governors, students, business people and people from other areas of life with different beliefs and classes.

How many people died at the beginning of the year in the UK? In March, these are the numbers of coronavirus cases and death compared to today.


What does a new coronavirus variant mean?

Before we start, there have been over two million coronavirus cases in the UK, and more than 67.000 people have died. According to government figures.

The new variant is the dominant variant in the UK that has been spreading in the UK, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Australia according to WHO.

It has been discovered since September.

Scientists say the variant is all over the UK and thousands of new cases have been detected.

Australia has identified two cases of the variant in a quarantined center in Syndey, in one of the patients. 

There is no proof that it is more severe or deadly than the actual coronavirus but the variant spreads quicker.

The experts and drug-makers have said that there’s nothing to prove that the vaccines wouldn’t work against the new variant. 

They have experienced such mutation before and the vaccines worked effectively.

Pfizer/BioNTech and Modena, are in the process of testing their shots to make sure that the vaccines are effective against the new variant. These companies are behind the first two vaccines that gained authorisation in the United States.

Effective vaccine

At the moment, the covid-19 shot in the United Kingdom has been tested by more than 130.000 people in the first week that it was approved. 

In the United States, it has been tested by Vice President Mike Pence live on TV (on December 18th),  and the elect President Biden has also been vaccinated on December 21st. 


In two weeks’ time, we might be able to know if the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine could work against the new variant, though the CEO of BioNTech said he has ‘scientific confidence’ that it could work.



What measures are in place to prevent this new variant from spreading

London and Southeast, including a massive part of England, are under severe Tier 4 covid-19 restrictions including other restrictions, like wearing masks before entering stores, busses, or public places. 
More than dozens of countries across the middle east, Europe, and the Americas have announced travel bans for the United Kingdom. Also, there is a testing quarantine for the UK.
    How many coronavirus cases are in the UK? Reported by BBC News online. Click the BBC link above for an accurate update.

    Don’t forget your face coverings, washing hands, and social distancing,

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