The protests in the republic of Nigeria began on 7 October, by young people in Nigeria, demanding their rights along with the eagerness to erase the notorious special anti-robbery squad (sars).

As time went by, they increased their demands up till the 20th of October, when peaceful protests within communities and states turned to bloody attacks from armed forces (soldiers from the government) thugs, and hoodlums who attacked them. 


Nigeria gained independence in 1960

On October 1st, 1960, Nigeria gained independence. After independence, has there been any advantage? 

What I remember so vividly during the 70s and 80s in Nigeria, include the beautiful natural resources, inexpensive yet quality foods, drinks, snacks, shoes, clothes, candies, and love among people of all tribes, regardless of their religion or class.

Electricity was constant and government hospitals were top-notch.





Maltreatment and ills led to the #endsars protests

Sadly, the country was drained by corrupt leaders and business people who left Nigerians perplexed and suppressed.

The situation in Nigeria is so appalling to the extent that people experience police brutality, lax security, nepotism, tribal conflicts, religious conflicts, lack of basic amenities which include lack of good government hospitals and employment.

Graduates roaming the streets or joined bad gangs or they work at a lower standard. 

To become a reputable wealthy person, or gain admission into any popular university or position in a company of your choice, you might need to have a strong connection in Nigeria.

These are a few of the ginormous ills and maltreatment that led to the protest which started on 7 October 2020 for two weeks. The very peaceful protest that made the world applaud the youths of Nigeria.

Suddenly, on 20th October, during another peaceful protest, while they sat down peacefully, soldiers opened live ammunitions that claimed some lives, while many were left injured.

Prior to this grave event, the lights were put off and cameras were removed. Some of the protesters recorded the incident live from the beginning to the end. 

Nigeria will rise again. 

After that evening, the thugs and hoodlums hijacked the protest, leaving many private and government properties looted, torched, and vandalised. 

The worst of all; is prisoners been set free by supposed thugs, Police officers and protesters were killed during the major unrest which is reducing in some parts of Nigeria.

As of yesterday, more warehouses that contain covid 19 palliatives meant for the citizens during the lockdown have been discovered and looted, just like dozens last week, in some states.

Some hoodlums engaged in a gun battle with security operatives a few days ago, after they tried to loot and set ablaze computer village in Ikeja, Lagos (a popular mall for repairing and selling IT and computer equipment).

It’s inhumane and senseless to keep vandalising properties and businesses. How can people invest so much in business, only for hoodlums to destroy the sweat?

Face the government.

May God deliver Nigeria!

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

What is your view on the incident that led to #lekkimassacre during #endsars protest?

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