Is there anyone who will live forever without dying? Well, that sounds impossible as it seems that life is ephemeral. Life is for living but after a while, people return to their maker. Though some people have a different understanding or logic. 

Human beings were created to live to a certain age but return to their maker when it is time to do so. Some scientists would say, we are living in a simulation, but I do not think so. 


Have you witnessed an immortal being

Nothing in this world will last forever because things change, and people have the tendency to change too. Good things do come to an end which is why it is wise to invest our time, resources and money wisely. 

Is it possible to live forever? Human beings do not live forever because after this life, comes death. Look at the way this venomous pandemic is claiming the lives of innocent people in thousands each day worldwide? They did not bargain for it, but sadly it is happening.  This means we should make the best while we can and be good to others.

Death doesn’t discriminate exactly like coronavirus.

A poor person dies, a rich person dies, an impotent man dies, an active man dies, an active woman dies, an inactive woman dies, a shapeless person dies, a pretty one dies, an ugly person dies, a sick person dies, a nutritionist dies, a man of God dies, a woman of God dies, atheists die, good people die, a Muslim dies,  a Christian dies, a traditionalist dies, a baby dies and an elderly person dies. Now, tell me, who wouldn’t die when the time comes?

Do we take our assets or buildings with us? No, we don’t. 

Let us appreciate each other.

We will not die young.

Have a healthy and fruitful life without forgetting to take precautionary measures against covid-19

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