Today, I sat back to reminiscent of the peaceful and fulfilling life we had back in the 70s where we had everything without worrying about tomorrow. No one ever imagines that the day will come when shelves in stores and supermarkets will be empty, I mean just empty. 

What are people going to eat or use? How can people live freely without the fear of coronavirusa pandemic that has claimed over 129.000 lives worldwide? 





Empty stores and supermarkets

When I went to the store around the corner to my house, the shop manager said only 1 tissue for one customer. Can you imagine that? Shoppers are finding empty shelves of tissue paper, hand sanitisers, bread, pasta to suffice for now. 

People are now saying that they have been to the stores and supermarkets where shelves are practically empty, I thought it could not be real until I realised that yes, most stores and supermarkets are surely empty. Something is going on here, it is consternating and unprecedented. 

How are sick people going to live or travel about when there are travelling restrictions?

This will push some people into deep thought, or even an unexpected negative mood if they are depressed.

My little advice is that people should get enough shopping for now and be well informed about this pandemic. 

Take care of yourself and try to help those people around you.

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TinuTino · 14 March 2020 at 11:04 PM

What experience do you wish to share about empty shelves?

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