Whatever you call yourself or whatever you choose to be, remember that bad is bad. A woman wants to know if there is any other way to claim her husband back from her brother who stole the husband and refuses to back off. She said her brother has been taking her husband to concerts and gay strip clubs but she was oblivious to any signs which pointed that they were having an affair. She loved and still loves her husband who is breaking her heart. She needs to move on in life, but how can she do that when her heart is broken sadly? Really sad. 
Remember that there some few signs which might give you a clue if your husband is gay or not. Signs to look out for if you want to know if your husband is gay or not.  How did the wife find out? She walked in on both of them one afternoon while husband lied that he was in a meeting.


Wife and husband had always been happy before the brother return from the trip

According to the wife, she said, her husband and their children have always been happy before the return of her brother from a long trip which made him stay away for many years. Ever since he returned, he has been calling her husband late at nights. For example, he called him while he had no clothes on, while he was in the bathroom and while he was driving to strip clubs. Personally, I think the husband has made up his mind to be gay, so why not move on?? My opinion. What is yours, reader?

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