A popular gay man said his new man is a married man. This is what I have been saying over the years, some married men these days are not cheating with women but men. It is worth addressing if your husband is harbouring same-sex attraction tendencies. What are the signs that your husband is either gay or bisexual?  ‘ it is estimated that 50% of gay husbands hide their homosexuality from their wives and don’t reach this place of honesty on their own. In many cases, it is the wife, who after suspecting that something is wrong, must confront the gay husband with the evidence, and only then can honesty be achieved’ (Source: Healthy place)!   



According to Bonnie Kay M.ED, 4 million women are married to gay men which is devastating

Six signs to know that your husband is either bisexual or gay can be tricky to outline sometimes as some men will hide it.
 Well, everyone has a right to chose what he or she wishes to eat, wear, ride or date but come to think about it, why do some people hurt their children and loved ones because of their selfishness? Some men act weird in bed but as a wife or lover, you might be oblivious to the real reason or fact. For instance, when your man prefers his backspace to be teased or give you a vibrator to use on him behind and without any stoppage, it slides through, then he might have been having anal sex, unfortunately. Some men are good in pretending so their wives might not know. It is wise to know who your man really is. Some women once said they prefer their husband to cheat on them with women while some said they wish their men cheat on them with men, believing they will not run away with those men but that’s not true in most cases. Those men they cheat with might fall in love with them, remember that feelings or emotions should never be toyed with. If you are gay, don’t lie to your wife and children by breaking their hearts each time you make excuses. Why reject and punish your wife by pushing her away each time she requests for sex which is her right? Come out in the open to unclutter your mind.  



Six signs that your husband or partner might be sleeping with a man!

1, Rejection: Your man might change his loving ways as a man and stop finding you attractive because he finds another man more attractive and gets aroused by his masculinity.
‘Simply changing the frequency of intimate encounters that you have could mean infidelity with a woman. But if he seems disgusted at the thought of having sex with you, or acts like you are being too aggressive in wanting sex with him often, it could be because he is enjoying a different kind of sexual appetite that is apart from what you can offer, says ABC News’.
2, Your husband might shake his butt sometimes in a seductive way forgetting he isn’t with a man
3, Your husband’s anus might be spacious while he gets an erection when he asks you to tease it or give him anal sex. Why is it wide? Why does he get an erection each time you slide a vibrator or your finger/s through?
4, He might go on his knees and ask for anal sex where he expects you to push vibrator through, same way men do it on each other.
5, He doesn’t lust after you. He shows no interest or little in you as a feminine. That’s because all he prefers is a man.
6, He shuns kissing, touching, cuddling or holding hands. He evades these simple things regularly because it irritates him that you are a woman, not a man.
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