A brand new rigorous scheme to reduce obesity which affects fat people

NHS to give free bicycles to fat people in exchange for high hospital fees which usually gets paid for illnesses or disease related to obesity. What do you say? NHS will pay for free bikes in a way to encourage good healthy living through exercising. This will be a way forward if they will ride those bikes. I believe it makes sense. A bicycle will be a good option but what about free or affordable tickets to the gym. Also, more gyms should be increased instead of chips shops or sweet shop. Let’sink about that. Believe that success is good but good health is more imperative.


What is obesity?

Obesity is an excess increase of unhealthy fat which leads to diseases like Heart problems, Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypertension and others including Depression in some cases. Body max index (BMI) is a way to classify one’s body weight. Exercises, a healthy diet, walking, and riding bicycles can be a way to shed weight. I take myself as an example;  when I ride a bicycle in the gym, I feel relief in my knees and waist. It helps keep you well balanced. Exercise increases the blood flow to the body and it makes you feel more active and happy. The move affects Welsh patients in an attempt to eradicate the risk of death from heart disease. 






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