Parents will be investigated and jailed if caught smacking their children according to the new Welsh law which will soon surface… Well, you better build more jails or prisons because more cases will surface each hour to the extent that you will be overwhelmed. Also, build more care-centers while you employ and train new staff. Not being sarcastic but take into consideration that a lot of children of today are extremely wayward, unruly and dangerous. What you might need is speaking to your doctor if the child’s behaviour is constantly irrational. You also need to motivate yourself as well as making sure your children are receiving enough education. Read some tips on motivation, development, and determination here. You need to develop yourself too as a parent. Parents would have tried motivating them, shown them love, and educating them before deciding to smack them as a punishment to whatever they did wrong. 


Campaigners have warned the government that they are playing with fire.

The Welsh government has drawn up plans to end the defence of reasonable punishment of smacking a child when she or he misbehaves. Don’t forget that smacking has been in force since before the Victorian times. The campaigners who are against such new law did mention that hundreds of parents could be investigated by police and jailed (which will be unfair). That is understandable since parents who have tried to be good role models to their children and young people can get frustrated hence the reason for smacking an unruly child. At this stage, parents need to try Networking and other events where they can learn new techniques to discipline their children.

Don’t forget those young people and children are talented.  Young people and children need to understand that it is not easy to become wealthy or successful overnight without challenges. Remember that some children need medical support due to depression, Autism or any other medical condition they are irrational. Depression is real, listen to your children. Also, bear in mind that it is wrong to smack or beat children out of frustration or anger. That’s when it becomes an abuse. Listen to your children more and show them some love. Take them out too.

This is the time for mothers to come together and reject such an unreasonable law. We parents were disciplined and smacked by our parents while we were growing up but we turned out okay. At least respecting our elders and parents accordingly, unlike the magnitude of rude children of today. Most of them today will show no respect at all to anyone. It’s hard for these children to even get up from their seats for older people. No job, no training schemes, no education to embrace by those young children who appreciate crime and unprotected sex. Don’t you agree that they need to be disciplined and smacked? No manners no restraints, nothing. A lot of them are unruly. Catch them when they are young. A little tap on the wrist is okay for a 5-year-old but smack for older age.

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