What is your role as a woman in society today? A woman should respect herself first so that she will be able to respect other women too. Sadly, we will notice that when there’s a thread on social media where a woman is stigmatised, the majority of those haters will be women. why do women hate women so much? Madonna once said ‘women hate women’ Isn’t she right? We should rather encourage other women and try to support them if we can so that our children will grow up to know what is right. At the same time, we should treat men fairly. Are you a good role model?


Why do a lot of women prefer men as friends?

The first thing you hear from a woman is that men are more friendly and lip sealed with secrets but that was in the past. These days, some men are gossips and they will surprise you with a loose attitude, not all men. Instead, why not mix with women who empower and network positively. There

are lots of positives you can gain from women. 





Women should act as mothers

Women should act as mothers to each other by drawing people nearer to them instead of gossiping, back-biting, lying, hating or even acting arrogantly towards other females. Most women find it difficult to start a conversation with a pretty lady or any woman who is more successful than them. Some feel they have something special that worth you grabbing. Some are destroying their country politically. Some are satanic. You are mothers, act like mothers. Treat your employees right, treat strangers like family and love what is yours with appreciation regardless of shortcomings! Stop destroying the world please, don’t be begrudging be virtuous. I’m with my faults & weakness but I assure you apart from praying, I check and re-check myself. God bless women as we all entwine positively to save the world! 


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