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It gets to that stage in life, where you will not like to move with a certain crowd or even be seen with them for some reasons, it means you have developed yourself. You see, I do not think Meghan Markel does not have good friends to be her bridesmaids or even be invited to her wedding with Harry the prince, but it has got to that stage in her life that she must be courteous of her dealings and deeds with members of the public. That includes the type of company she moves with. Her friends obviously are friends whom she feels should stay as friends not to dabble with secrets and personal life of the royal family. That doesn’t mean she is proud or arrogant NO, it simply means that she has upgraded herself. That is like me, who knows where I belong. It sometimes seems better to have one reputable person to talk to rather than having hundreds who have zilch progress to add to your life. When people laugh with you, it doesn’t mean they care about you!


When you enhance yourself, you should be watchful of those you mingle with 

After you have enhanced and developed yourself, you will be suitable to mingle and network with people who understand your language and also understand your worth. When you make mistakes, people of synonymous understanding like you will encourage you to become better, whereas wrong people might not grasp. When you have been able to go through experiences and challenges in life, you will become a positive voice to motivate many people who can benefit from you, and whom you too can positively gain from. You will also, move up the ladder of success with enhanced people. Be enhanced, only to move with those who will see good in you, although not everyone will like you. Some will call you arrogant but that should not prevent you from excelling!

Few ways to develop yourself, it works for me

  1. Ask yourself enough questions about how far have you gone with your plans, how intelligent have you contributed to work, network, family, community or business and ask yourself if you are achieving? Work on those areas and improve.
  2. Look at role models and great achievers to learn a thing or two from them.
  3. Read relevant books that can inspire and enhance your knowledge.
  4. Have a successful behaviour to enable self-confidence
  5. Level up your skills so that you will be bigger than those problems or challenges on the way.
  6. Write your plans down and make sure you revisit them very frequently until you complete all.
  7. Don’t forget to add, ‘To-do-list’. 


 Be focused!



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