Are you familiar with that phrase; A giver never lacks? Well, sometimes I almost query that knowing how much I’ve given in the past but that doesn’t mean I don’t face challenges sometimes. Although, I cannot deny the fact that there will always be a way out of any situation.

Reasons why we should support charities

It is a great privilege to even understand the meaning of charity which is sharing, supporting and giving to those in need of certain help, medically, intellectually or financially. When we support charities, that help will go a long way to enable the poor to feed, to live a better life and be grateful. Let me take my charity as an example, whenever I am able to help some people in Nigeria, I buy some items including snacks to donate to motherless homes and also, maternity items to expectant who are poor. This way, many people who are unhappy will be glad and grateful.


Ways to help charities

There are a few ways to help charities: By donating money to them. Every charity needs money for a lot of reasons like feeding, clothing, putting a roof over their head and more reason. You can volunteer your service/s for them, where you go out with them to raise funds or to carry out some activities for communities.  Another way is raising awareness like this or adding the name of the charity to your blog or write up. You can donate unused items and clothing to any charity of your choice and also, you can help your neighbour in need with motivational words.



Charities do help organisations like cancer research

Yes,  some charities do raise funds to help cancer research which will eventually have enough to support specialists who can continuously find solution and way forward for those suffering from cancer. We should support their efforts.

 Charity is love which has nothing to do with race, sex, religion or status. We are all human beings on this planet and we must support each other regardless. So start supporting those reputable charities out there. Your money will never be too small or too large. Remember some people are sleeping on the streets, some people are battered, some are abused, some are suffering from a terminal illness and some worse, but your money will go towards healing and helping them start a new life.

Charity is the sweet act of sharing love, please help those in need!

What charity do you support? Send your reply below.


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