Do you know some victims of such shameful act had almost taken their lives?

When some victims, can’t take disgraceful comments and stigmatisation, they feel suicidal at a stage. It starts with promises and trust, otherwise, some people will not comfortably share their nude photos or videos online. Unfortunately, some women or ladies are held down against their wish to exploit and dimish their privacy. But today, this blog is focused on women who still trust wrong guys by sending them their nude photos or videos willingly. When you do so, you can only blame yourself. Some women say, oh don’t worry, ‘my face is blocked’? Really? These days, some people will remorselessly do photoshop on such image and make it go viral with a nasty caption to discredit you. Don’t say yes!

You hear about ‘revenge porn’ which is on the rise today. When there’s disagreement, one partner will upload the subject’s intimate videos or photos online as a way to revenge. If anyone dares that in England and Wales, there’s a maximum of two years imprisonment. All countries must emulate this law. Two videos and a photo with a voice note sent to me recently was quickly deleted by me because it made me sick to my stomach just imagining how those ladies will feel right now. The first lady was a new graduate of about 22 years old who was playing in a porny way and obliging to her boyfriend’s order whose voice you could hear in that video. She was using a bunch of car keys on herself. Another video was a married woman who sent her nude video with her legs apart showing off and exhibiting every personal bit to the Non-African man who promised to pay her large sum some of the dollars into her Nigerian bank account. Little did she know that the man was her husband’s friend. The third lady woke up one morning to her nude photos on and off social media including WhatsApp. She cried out bitterly cursing the guy who betrayed her. Who do you blame?? 

Who do we blame?

How can we take such sick incidents as deja vu? Those women are human beings who trusted the wrong people but they are guilty too? Why would those men betray them? Although, it is more common than you can imagine these days, but some of us do have shame!

Was the married woman greedy for money hence the reason for exhibiting her nakedness to a complete stranger who promised to pay her dollars to her Nigerian account? 

When a man tells you he will walk out of your life if you do not send your nude photos or videos, please celebrate if he walks away because a gentleman will never threaten you that way. Your nudity must be sacred, mine is!


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