Truth about tithes

In the beginning, Abraham and Jacob obeyed the commandment to pay one-tithe of increase. Hebrews 7 v 1 – 10!


A tithe is like giving back to God.  It’s one-tenth of ones earning to upgrade and maintain the church and clergy. Showing how grateful we are, each time we pay our tithe. Paying tithes and offerings in a church is good and rewarding. Sadly, today, many of those pastors in Africa have turned it into their business. That’s all they preach about today. In fact, most of them get brutal if anyone preaches against tithes. Visit the internet to read about atrocities many pastors commit today and also watch videos of fake pastors performing miracles. Terrible! Shouldn’t they be examples of good role models?


My advice to many Christians today

Please focus mostly on the word of God not worshipping those Mega-pastors with private jets or those who preach about money money money. Yes, paying #Tithe is good, but why put all your life savings on tithes when some of you can’t afford to feed your family? Some people will go to bed hungry but use their feeding money to pay tithe? That is silly! Can’t you see your pastors turning Christianity into business? They buy new cars, jets, mansions but you are still wallowing in poverty? Focus on God while you read your bible. Why donate to feed a man who should either be retired or be employed? Some of you cannot afford to send your children to universities built by your own funds. Is that what Jesus represented? Motivate and develop yourselves as well as pray frequently.


What is the way forward to the truth?

Worship God not pastor.

Be wise because there’s no ignorance in the house of God!

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