I know a lot of people will tell you how hard it is to forgive because I am one of those who can say that too. Who tells you that forgiveness is the easiest act? Of course not, it isn’t. Let me use myself as an example. One day, someone whom I trusted to work with me in a team betrayed my trust by collecting funds meant for me and refused to show up. When I called this person, the response was that the money was needed urgently so, I have to wait. Yes, it got me really livid but guess what I did, days later?  I forgave that person knowing the level of challenges the staff was facing. Although I cannot work with that person again, at least my mind is free. That’s being hopeful.



Three main benefits gained from forgiveness

These three main benefits you can gain from forgiveness. A: Happiness, B: Free from bitterness and C: Lower blood pressure.

First, you will be happy with yourself without having a shock or fear each time you come across that person who has offended you. Holding grudge will only add more unhappiness and setback.

Secondly, your mind will be free from bitterness: Bearing grudge will accumulate bitterness which prevents you from being focused and bright. No matter how happy you are that hour, when you remember how hurtful the pain caused by that person, you will be angered and filled with bitterness until you forgive that person. The minute you forgive the person, you will feel that a big weight has left your mind. 

Thirdly: you will experience lower blood pressure. Do you know how unhealthy it is to bear a grudge? You will feel hyper, unhappy and angry whenever you find yourself shouting or feeling uneasy over an issue which occurred between you and that person. In fact, if you are a calmer person, barely thinking about pains can be dangerous to your health. 

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