When we find mercy, it is like hitting a jackpot! We begin to untangle those knots easier. Mercy is also, like receiving favour, compassion, blessings, and forbearance when you least expect. 

An example is getting a contract with some deposit from the client to start or like receiving sponsorship for a charity work you have been expecting for a while. It makes the project easier. Hope is a strong motivator which keeps us going. What is mercy and what is hope? I will define mercy as the good fortune which falls our way. We are able to see projects or dreams clearer, it answers our questions or answers all our heart’s desires. When you have the mercy of God, you are been blessed and fortunate. Hope is expecting all we wish for. It allows you to forge ahead of your plans. For example, when you are certain that you can execute a plan, hope allows you to visualise the future prospects which lie ahead. You will be about to turn situations to success! 




Don’t lose hope

It doesn’t matter how severe the pain is or how bad or low you feel, get motivated each day you wake up. Always believe in yourself no matter how hectic the task is, take it step by step or one at a time. Set yourself a target which you follow, have the grit to continue the journey and don’t look at failure or disappointment as a curse or taboo, but rather as an experience which strengthens you. 

I don’t know whatever medical condition you are battling with or whatever financial situation you are struggling with or whatever clouds surround your marital life or relationship right now, or even what brings worry to your mind but I certainly believe in Hope and mercy. You will find mercy which will cleanse whatever pain or pains and hope will lead you to a path of joy.  Have a blissful week! Don’t give up.
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