This is a topic I sometimes move away from, knowing some people will only say what comes to their mind. If you have not experienced such before, I think it will be difficult to contribute deeply to what you will do if you were the man. Before I tell you about the true story, I will, first of all, explain this. You see, the way we see relationships or marriages is different, just like the way we react to situations. Yesterday, I posted a blog on women who pack for their men when he travels out. That’s because we are all different. I can’t do it. Nope! Many women in the forum rejected that too. That’s the same way, some men will sit back and take a slap in their face without saying a word, other than rubbing it. Yes, that is what that man did when his partner slapped his face blatantly! It is so blatantly wrong for a woman to raise her hands up to slap her man, remember that. Although, some women will give you their reasons but can violence solve anything? I doubt it.


A woman caught her partner cheating with a girlfriend in a restaurant, and she walked to him and gave him a slap annoyingly!

What? Isn’t that a disgrace to herself and her man? Why not wait for him to get home where she can call him and iron it out? We do not think the same way but I can assure you that more than half of the men in that forum said they would have beaten the woman badly for raising her hands. They called the man weak, for not beating the woman up. 

What would you have done in that situation where your man was caught with a girlfriend and what will you do as a man?

Whatever we do, let us be cautious!



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