When did Nigeria get to this stage where an innocent person will die just because there isn’t an equipped government hospital close enough to him? According to the victim’s friend, Ayo Atitebi, they rushed Ijo Chris to five different hospitals where they couldn’t revive him due to no oxygen on site.  

I stumbled on this heartfelt story where a young man (IJO CHRIS)  who had a promising career in dancing lost his life after five hospitals in the Republic of Nigeria had no ‘OXYGEN’ to revive him? Ha, that is crestfallen. No wonder the president of Nigeria, President Buhari, Nigerian Politicians and wealthy Nigerians travel abroad to seek medical treatment. Shame on everyone including you and i. Although some of us live abroad, we are guilty of not looking back after a long time abroad. How can we all revamp our health system? That is the way forward!

So sorry for your loss Ayo Atitebi and the family of Ijo Chris.  It’s a shame upon all the natural resources in Nigeria, billions of dollars recovered by looters if that’s true and private jets owned by politicians and pastors at megachurches? How dare anyone tell me Nigeria is getting better? So shameful. No Oxygen? In five hospitals? 

Ayo’s posts on twitter below. 



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