Rich and wealthy do make mistakes too

Thinking rich and wealthy people never make mistakes is like saying; an innumerable number of people never lie or, cry.

 I believe mistakes are inevitable and that’s why we must take it the way we find it. Whatever isn’t in accordance, we put it right and move on. Don’t regret by wallowing in mistakes, move on!

I am uncertain that any individual is free from making mistakes or immune to it. No one can boldly say, he or she is living perfectly without making any mistake. Rich and wealthy are just like any human being with flaws and a tendency to get it wrong sometimes but thank goodness some of them rise quicker than you can imagine, so, rise from your fall. Like Sir Richard Branson once said, every successful person has a story.


Mistakes make you stronger than who you were yesterday. Making mistakes is not the end of the world, it doesn’t mean you can’t rise. Falling several times or making mistakes doesn’t make you weak but it rather prepares you for those unforeseen challenges in the future. You will be able to overcome problems that you might find less strenuous as time goes on. Practice makes perfect, the same way handling situations which made you miss the first and second time. By the time you get to the next stage, you will become an expert in it.

It’s not falling many times that matters most but how many times you rose firmly. This is exactly what I tell people. In life, every successful person has a story. You can’t make it in life without facing setbacks,

anti-climaxes, and mistakes. It gets better!

 According to Richard Branson, nobody gets everything the first time. It is how we learn from our mistakes that define us. That’s life!


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