When you are contented with everything you have, it will be hard to be jealous. Also, feeling positive in life can help you focus on enhancing yourself while you appreciate people rather than being jealous of them.
In my dictionary, jealousy is defined as a bitter feeling towards someone who is succeeding, looking better, ascending, or moving ahead of you progressively. The person might be a relative, manager, teacher,  neigbour, partner/spouse, colleague, friend or stranger. Anyone can be jealous of you. Jealousy is also the feelings of insecurity, fear, and resentment. 
Sometimes, someone can like a friend or spouse, or partner without any form of bitterness. It is okay to like the way your friend dresses but don’t hate or feel jealous. Jealousy is very dangerous. 
To understand the reasons why some people are jealous of others, click on the reasons here.  A jealous person hates you and always sees your flaws.
It is normal that you feel jealous if your spouse or partner is flirting with someone else, but very wrong if you feel like harming either your partner or rival. Some people harm their colleague or business partner over money issues or any problem, that should have been resolved appropriately. 

Traits of jealous people

Jealousy bites through many people. It bites deep to the extent that it leaves them hopelessly empty.  They become afraid when someone is progressing in life. They are jealous of your happy life, your happy home, and success not knowing you are only contented with what you have.

They are quick in sharing your mistakes but pretend to see your progressive stories.  They will ignore your awards, pretty photos,  successful stories, or updates but quick to say sorry if you post negative stories. 

Well, save it, my stories will remain positive. 

Beware of hypocrites who are sad whenever you get your deserved breakthrough! 

Signs that someone is jealous of you

Jealous people will criticise  you even when you do the right things
They are not happy whenever you celebrate 
Jealous people argue with you unnecessarily 
They will give you the wrong advice
Jealous people will always copy you like copycats
They are hostile toward a rival
Jealous people ply you with negative criticisms (They give bad remarks or comments whenever others are appreciating you)
They criticise and insult you when you are not there to defend yourself 
They never appreciate any good thing you do, but pretend to like it
They gossip about you because they are scared and they know it is untrue
Their mood worsens whenever you display your high level of intelligence.
Mostly, they are insecure and feel intimidated by you.
Have you had any experience with any friend who is jealous of you?
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