I remember when I was growing up, my friend back then Rem, will bring a big dish containing some brown soup which had a nice aroma to my parents. This was a carefully made meal known as Frejon which was prepared with coconut milk and beans. Well, it was not my type of meal but everyone else enjoyed it except me. It wasn’t any news that after mum prepares some chicken and meat on Good Friday ready to be consumed on Saturday, we were not allowed to eat any meat or fish except dried fish or another type of food. This was a practice in many families. This was a way of observing the death of Jesus!




Why Christians embrace Good Friday 

Good Friday is commemorating the death of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion at Calvary! We Christians worldwide do embrace good Friday as a symbol to remember the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. Sunday which is the Easter symbolises when Jesus rose from death. As Christians, when we remember the sufferings of our saviour, Jesus Christ, it is enough to encourage peace and harmony worldwide. It seems a lot of we Christians are not doing enough but this is another opportunity to rectify. This holy week is another way to retrace our steps.

A day before was the last supper where Jesus Christ sat around the table with his twelve disciplines and predicted his death which would be initiated by a betrayal Judas, who eventually hung himself. Peter was also, a disciple who denied him according to the prediction and prophesy of Jesus (John 18 verses 13-27). Good Friday is the remembrance of the last supper where Jesus sat with twelve disciples, broke bread, washed their feet and prayed with them. He requested we reiterate that in his remembrance.









Easter and celebrations

Luke 24 verses 2-3 resurrection of Jesus Christ. They found the stone rolled away but not the body of Jesus.  Also, Act 4:33. Easter is also called Pascha in a Greek word. It is that special Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead. A day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It usually falls on Sunday and we do have a holiday from Good Friday (His crucifixion), also known as Holy Friday, down to His resurrection on Sunday. We usually have a festival.

My conclusion is simple, as a Christian, what exactly is our contribution to our community and to the world? The most important thing is to try and love our neighbour as ourselves rather than quoting several passages in the bible without following good examples or depicting the words of God. Remember, God is love.  God demonstrates His own love for us, Romans 5 verse 8.  Jesus died for you and me, to wash our sins away and make us holy. Are we good examples of Christians or the hypocrites? Your character will reveal exactly who you are rather than you telling people. Don’t forget daily and frequent communication with God while you try to read some religious books which can uplift you spiritually, while your steps will be directed through.

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How do you celebrate Good Friday and Easter? Stay blessed!



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