I am sure this might be an eye-opener for those who feel they can rudely use unfriendly words on social media. The problem is that the case of Laleh, the 55-year-old mother, shouldn’t have been handled roughly, bearing in mind that she used the word ‘idiot’ on social media two years ago without envisaging the grave punishment which she is faced with right now.


A 55-year-old woman is facing 2 years prison sentence and £50.000 fine

Laleh Sharavesh called her ex-husband an idiot and his new wife a horse two years ago but unknowingly to her, the strict social media law of Dubai has landed her in prison. The new wife reported her to the authorities and she has refused to retract her accusation. Laleh took her 14-year-old daughter to her father’s funeral in Dubai, where the authorities arrested her and confiscated her British passport. Although she has been allowed bail, she is still waiting for possible prosecution and a hefty fine of £50.000! 

Be careful what you post on social media.

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