What a beautiful world with colourful trees, plants, shrubs, fruits and the rest. A world where leaves transitions from bright olive-green to dull-brown until all leaves fall off the tree due to abscission. Many cultures and religions have come to appreciate its existence. Trees have gained admiration from a huge number of people who have consistently shown their interest and love. A lot of trees and shrubs are deciduous, as they shed their leaves annually.


Trees and four seasons

Each year passes with the four seasons which marks a difference in the environment and surroundings. You will realise that plants and leaves will change from green to dull-brown until the trees have a barkless look until spring before it revives. We have winter, autumn, spring, and summer, leaving different activities and occasions, but plants and trees to do have seasonal transitioning. The amazing colours are overwhelming.







Trees, roots, plants, and fruits are brilliantly relaxing and healing 

Plants have been in the world before the existence of humankind, which makes life interesting. Some people believe each tree has a historic definition to it, where they worship and celebrate around the trees for several reasons or request. For example, some women with a delay in fertility sometimes use the chaste tree as a remedy to fertility. Maybe it works for them but not all.


Hugging trees in the forest might make you calm and happy

Some people hug trees, believing that it reduces hormone oxytocin which leaves you feeling happy! I must be honest with you, I have never tried that before but might try it. In fact, the nearer to that was when I rested my back on trees in the past.  The hormone oxytocin is said to be responsible for feeling calm and emotional bonding. You may speak to your doctor in case you are allergic to certain plants. Smiles. Would you write in to share any difference after you hug a tree? You can send in videos and photos. I will send you mine as well.

Trees play a vital role in the earth’s physical and well-being, hence the need for nurturing and embracing goodness. Trees might absorb negative energy too.

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