Can we say, life is ironic or not? Take note that many normal things happen in our lives which we see as normal,  and it means we don’t count it to be special. The minute things go the other way, we take note, don’t we? That’s when we realise that life can be ironic sometimes (because things did not go our way). When we expect to live happily without hardship or challenges but we don’t, that’s when we understand the irony of life. 


What is the irony of life?

Do people truly enjoy life the way they wish? If they don’t, then why do they claim that life is so sweet? I believe they have already made up their mind to accept the uncertainty or even thwarted dreams or expectations. No matter how well we plan, we sometimes have situations turn out the other way, making the outcome different from what we expect. That is situational irony, which could either be humorous or tragic but it ends the unexpected way (also called the irony of events). It could be business that goes wrong, it could be a marriage that doesn’t go smoothly or it could health. I remember when growing up, some evenings when I return home late, my expectation will be that dad and mum will smack me, but guess what, they will only sit me down and advice. So in life, things might not end the way we expect. Whatever it is, we eventually accept and move on in life! 


Things don’t always happen the way we wish

We find ourselves where we are right now, either happy or trying to be happy. Some people wish to leave where they are but they can’t, some people wish to be parents but they aren’t, some people wish they could implement better but they made wrong choices, some people wish they eat better meal but they can’t afford it, some people wish to be educated but they aren’t fortunate to gain such access, some people wish they are able to move about but sadly, they are confined to bed or wheelchair, some people wish they grow old to read bedtime stories to their grandchildren but their lives were cut short. You see the irony of life, you don’t always experience what you wish for.

“It’s ironic how your comfort zone can be tiring sometimes.”
― Ahmed Mostafa


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