He said people do not understand the pain in poor health.

For almost seven years, a man has been taking about seventeen tablets each day. Libido reduces drastically sometimes or he loses sexual urge for months because he becomes so weak to the extent that he is unable to please his partner or girlfriend who eventually leaves him. He complains about pains everywhere, joints and muscles always hurtful and headaches. He added that his movement sometimes becomes hard and closing his eyes each night is a struggle.




Can he become a dad?

He said he loves to become a parent but sadly, due to harsh chemotherapy he went through, he can’t. He asked me to share this so that people will understand that good health is more imperative than irrelevant things in life. While some people are complaining of little problem, some people are counting days before their world comes to an end. I wish all the sick people around us get well swiftly and they will find good health and joy.

He started chemotherapy for advanced prostate cancer before he was hit with another severe disease seven years ago.

Do you know some people live with a condition or disease which leaves them to constant daily pain but they still struggle to fit in? I know someone who cannot see an elephant without a pair of gasses, he must wear glasses always. Why? It was the result of antibiotics he took for thirty years, to prevent harsh and unbearable pains which he has been going through for thirty years, but unfortunately, it led to blindness. Do you see what some people go through in life? Let us be kind!

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