Do you know how many children who kill their mothers today? Especially in Nigeria where those unruly boys have joined notorious cult groups where their mothers are used for rituals? There are proves from the police and family members who sometimes witness the obnoxious incident or find out later. It is so hurtful to even imagine a child whose mum and dad worked so hard for, can turn around to hurt such good parents. 



Some male sons are killing or hating their good mothers today.

Let’s clear the fact that not all mothers are kind, honest and loving towards their children but what about mothers who are divergent to those three words; kind, honest and loving? Some children both male and female hate such good mothers and they blame them (mothers) for their mistakes or anger. Don’t forget that some children are more bitter and unforgiven than others, which makes them hate good mothers who might have mistakenly uttered wrong words during an argument Maybe those mums disciplined and punished them when they were young, which is normal. Some sons are worse in harming and disrespecting their mothers because there is no father on the scene. They forget the days the woman went out to work in the rain, cold and sun to feed them. When she starved for the children to eat, when she rushed out to check on them and when she cried because she had little for them.


A 21-year-old Nigerian boy stabbed his mother to death in the U.K

I remember the story of a 21-year-old Nigerian boy, who stabbed his mother to death, over an argument. The mother was a reputable accountant in the United Kingdom. When your child is at that age or older, showing signs that he or she is not appreciative of your hard work and love, show them the door, especially a child that tries to fight you and swears at you. You can’t always be appreciated by ungrateful children, but at least one of them might see the good in you. You don’t hate them but you leave them to make their own mistakes if you want to live long happily. God bless we good parents, both good dads and mums out there. May God change the minds of unruly ignorant children out there, so that they do not add to numbers of children who are the menace in the society. We parents were not like that at all. Why are most children ignorant and disrespectful today? #tinutinoshow Tinoshow.

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