At first, you might feel it is something you watch in one of those African movies but sadly, it is not fake news at all. In fact, it was going on underground years ago but not many people paid attention to it for their own reasons.  



Yahoo boys and monsters in human skin are now using female pants for money rituals/voodoo in Nigeria

How hurtful and teary to even imagine that upon all the pains and abuses a lot of women suffer from men in Nigeria, they are now scared of wearing pants? Some are forced to take off their pants at gunpoint during an attack on their way, while others are unfortunate by sleeping with evil guys who steal their pants for money rituals. The worst outcome which befalls such women is death! The rate in which guys are desperate for money these days is alarmingly frightening so be careful who you call your partner, lover, husband or boyfriend. Some ladies cannot be trusted either as they do steal their friends pants out of greed to sell to Yahoo boys too.


Ladies, keep your pants safe and clean

Ladies, try your best to keep your pants really clean and kept far away from any stranger or someone you do not trust. Lock the bathroom or bedroom door with a key so that you will be the only one who has access there. Do not go after any guy because of the way he ridiculously splashes money these days. Imagine how poor Nigeria is today, where did he get his overnight money from other than bloody way? Please be careful. do not hang your pants in the public place and never leave them carelessly on the floor. Be careful and safe.

Report to the police immediately you suspect any man of that diabolic act. There’s a new law in Nigeria now after the alarming increase of stolen pants being used for rituals, Police public relations officer in Lagos state, Nigeria, Dolapo Badmus has made it distinctively clear that anyone caught stealing pans will now be charged with attempted murder instead of stealing since victims dies once their pants are used for money rituals. 


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