Make haste when you still have the strength,  youths. Don’t rush after corrupt leaders but listen to your elders’ advice. Your talent cannot be wasted.  




Why are you trying to become wealthy overnight?

Stop trying to become wealthy overnight, some of us who were born abroad did three jobs to pay bills even as graduates. Those back home too worked hard and sweated at your age. Remember some of those jobs were domestic like cleaning the loo,  doing mortuary jobs like washing dead bodies and embalming, or pick packing where we were insulted. I used to wash the loo, pick packing in rags company were racism back then in the 80s wasn’t exposed.





Challenges keep you stronger  

You have to go through challenges and struggles before you finally achieve your goals because you will become stronger and wiser.  We did almost anything when we were your age as long as the job was legal, not making dirty money. Please be sagacious! Allow your talent to lead you to that final glorious destination. #tinutinoshow   Smiles. 

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