While you are complaining of insufficient money for Christmas or unnecessary issues, babies are being abused and dumped in dangerous places, old people living helplessly in dark treacherous places, children being abused, molested, raped or killed. People like you and I, are homeless under dark cold bridges or even in the rain! You can still comfortably sit in your warm home and watch TV, don’t even complain, just count your blessings and be hopeful. Don’t bother pleasing anyone, knowing they will always find fault. Just be yourself and be real. Someone wish to be like you, it can never be that bad. If your friends don’t want you because of your problems, be happy and move away, they aren’t your friends. 



Some people are sleeping on dark streets without hope

Remember that some people are sleeping rough hopelessly on dark streets or under a dangerous bridge without the hope of what to eat the following morning. In the process of saving themselves from assaults or abuse, some women or girls have been raped and sexually assaulted but your story is different. Maybe you are complaining that the colours you are wearing does not match your shoes or maybe, you think your dinner is cold? What do you want those people on the cold streets to do? Be glad where you are, so that you will have the opportunity of impacting the lives of those on the streets. Also, you will be able to happily support those who truly need you. It also, means you will sit back and work out the best strategy to help you improve on yourself. Be appreciative of today.

Comment and share as you remember to support those around you. Sharing is caring. please give hope to those who are dismayed, this will reduce crime and hate.



Some Benefits In Appreciating Life

You will feel contented within yourself once you become appreciative

You will be able to help those who need your support

Life becomes easier because hate and greed will reduce

Appreciation is happiness
Appreciation increases the spirit of relatedness and gratitude
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