No one likes to be told that they are wrong especially when they put in a lot of effort into that job or business. There are criticisms that are constructive, rude or even unhealthy. Criticism is not for everyone, let us be factual because the vulnerable people, those with low self-esteem and extremely sensitive people cannot handle unhealthy forms of criticism. On the other hand, strong people take constructive or positive ones as a way to improve themselves or business/services. 



Criticisms remoulds as far as I am concerned.

It rebuilds and allows me to improve on my mistake. People who criticise you sometimes wish you to perform well, while some want to uglily bring out the worst in you. It is left to you to boldly take it as a good step to soar higher by correcting yourself without taking it as anything wrong. Whatever the critic’s intention, you have the right to take note. I take Mrs. Theresa May, the British prime minister as an example, who began her speech by saying, excuse me if I do cough during the speech, and she went on saying, she’s been up all night to super gluing the backdrop to make sure the words don’t drop. Her first sentence referring to her coughing during the speech was about ‘a cough’ which interrupted her speech during a conservative speech last time where she kept on coughing profusely which must have been irritating and embarrassing to her. The second sentence about protecting the words from dropping was another embarrassing scene where almost all the words she related to last time on the backdrop kept dropping off. Today, she began by addressing her mistakes and corrections done, even though it was a while ago! After the first mistake, she got numerous criticisms interwoven with insults and mocks but she became stronger and better today as any smart person will be! That is what criticism is all about, to help you become smarter and better. Don’t allow it to bring you down. 



Take criticism as a way to become successful

When you are been criticised for your personality, utterance or products/services, you need to check where your mistake lies before knowing how to rectify. Once you correct yourself, you will become better. Before you can become successful, you need to make mistakes on the way but those mistakes need to be addressed first before you become better. Smiles.


Few advantages you can gain from criticisms

1, Improvement:  Criticism can make you a better person by improving yourself and business if you have one. You will be able to differentiate what is right for you and what is not after you improve yourself. If mistakes are not pointed out from someone afar how will you see them by yourself? You can never know everything. 

2, Boldness and opportunity to learn more: After you have gone back to rectify your mistake, you will become bolder and feel knowledgeable. You learn how to move away from bad practices. 

3, Focus and maintaining a high standard: This will force you to focus on doing the best and producing quality products/services which keeps you on the top of the competitive list. Whatever you do.

Ignore negative, rude, jealous or hateful criticisms which are all unhealthy but pick out positive and constructive ones!


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