I am pleased with people like these who send me feedback on some topics discussed on my talk show, encouraging words and blog. I just read some messages from some people who claimed they have been following me for a long time including a lady based here in the united kingdom who said she went back thrice to listen to my advice on youth development at MITV studio some time ago. Some are pleased with my encouraging words that uplift them. I remember Rev mother Esther Ajayi once said my words of encouragement is a way of giving to people. Yes, she is right. People like these keep me coming to social media frequently and I get advantages from monetization, apart from seeing them happy and fulfilled.  




Good people encouraged me

Prof Pat Utomi is a good friend who advises and encourages, while he educates me on the right subject which needs clarification, thank you, for being there all those years too. You, good people, have been there for me like Prof Pat Utomi, Esther Ajayi, Adegbenga Sefiu Kaka, Femi Okutubo and everyone else. God bless you, kind humans. Something good is on its way! E se o. Oluwa seun o. Thank God. #tinutinoshow Smiles. Tinoshow.

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