While Bukola Saraki’s son was working hard in a university abroad, some thugs of his age were working for his father to attack innocent people online and off social media, including the monstrous #offa boys who killed 33 people and a pregnant woman during a bank robbery in offa (Extremely sad and unimaginable). 



Bukola Saraki will never introduce his thugs to be friends with his son!

Do you think Saraki will introduce you thugs to his son to be friends with? These politicians are killing you, forget the dirty money involved. Why can’t parents discipline their children instead of watching them ravage their lives? Who do you blame? How many children successfully graduated in Nigeria without travelling abroad, and now progressively leading in their area of expertise? (A lot of hard work youths graduated)! Follow the steps of those good examples, who successfully graduated there in Nigeria and still utilizing their skills and resources. Wake up Nigerians and stop those young people ruining their future by being thugs for politicians. Stop it, stop corruption!

Below are some links for more full details, click

offa robbery and thugs who worked with saraki 1

offa robbery and saraki’s thugs 2

a witness to thuggery acts of saraki’s boys expressed himself here



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TinuTino · 20 August 2018 at 1:31 PM

The youth of Nigeria, rebuild yourselves.

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