Women should understand that good health is all they need to remain alert. ‘Your health matters with Tinu Odunuga’ is a new health segment where specialists, medical experts like oncologists, neurologists, obstetricians, gynecologists, psychiatrists, physicians, senior practitioners, medical experts, chief medical directors, to suffice do come on our show to discuss medical conditions affecting people of all race, age, religion, sex, and gender without any form of intimidation or rejection. Health affects every living being which is the reason for the smooth health ride without stringency. 


After thirteen years (13 years)  of our talk show The Tinu Tnoshow where various topical issues are discussed, we decided to add a health segment where patients, relatives, and doctors can understand the way patients feel, the best strategy in handling medical diagnosis and also people learning about conditions. Do kindly sponsor us.


Let us take fibroids for example

As the doctor clearly stated, about 80% of women in the Afro/Carribean community might get affected by fibroids when they reach the end of their reproductive years. Click on this link to watch the interview with a reputable obstetrician/gynecologist Dr. Edi Osagie 80% of women in the Afro/Caribbean community do have fibroids. Click to watch the interview here;   80% women from Afro/Caribbean community might have fibroids.


Some of the previews showing some medical experts, click links below and subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos and TV channels to air soon.

Click to watch the interview with the doctor

Dr. Wale discussing how stroke might affect some people; How stroke and heart-attack affect some people

Dr. Sarah and Dr. Olivia explain the types of diabetes and treatment. 

Click to watch the interview with doctors The types of diabetes and treatment


Dr. Edi Osagie discussed fertility and egg donation to transform another woman’s life. Click to watch our interviewEgg donation is another way to boost fertility


DR Edeki explains and gives advice for pregnant women who are suffering from mental health illness, Click hereMental health illness and pregnant women


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TinuTino · 13 August 2018 at 6:27 PM

For suggestions, medical advice from one of the doctors or to sponsor this health show, kindly send an email to tinoshow@tinutinoshow.com

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