Boris’s comments

Boris Johnson the ex-foreign secretary has been under serious pressure from some people including some Muslims who believe he should apolosgise for saying, women in burkas ‘look like bank robbers’ and a letterbox. Some said he has the right to express himself without some extremists complaining while some feel he is Islamophobic. Personally, it is true that we all have the right to our opinions but we must always be sensitive to other people’s feelings too. Referring to humans who are willfully going on with their religious belief as bank robbers, is way too much. Him apologising doesn’t change his view about Muslim women in burkas, remember that. Click below for more story.     


We all should feel comfortable with what our friends wear

The bottom line is this, it will be good to feel comfortable with whoever your friend is. If I have a friend who wears a burka, she will might not wear it to my house with her eyes covered because I will like to see my friend’s eyes when we are talking and laughing, but that doesn’t mean she takes off her hijab replaced by a dress or trousers, No. She wears whatever she likes. If my friend now insists on wearing her burka, then no problem as my friend is entitled to her own rights. Some Christians too wear their own regalia although eyes and face not covered but let us try to tolerate each other without being biased or hypocrisy. You cannot ask an African Masquerade to remove his face mask, can you? That’s their tradition and religion, they are traditionalists. You cannot condemn an African woman or Nigerian for wearing a buba and wrapper. Let us learn to tolerate, adapt and unite so that we can make this world a better place.

Boris Johnson and apology

Well, Boris Johnson, the ex-foreign secretary has refused to apologise for saying, the Muslim women in burkas ‘look like bank robbers’. That is too strong and it comes a bit insolent. We can’t all wear skimpy shorts, bikinis, or mini skirts. some prefer them long with less revealing style.

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