Who exactly are you?

I personally do love prayers a lot, that is why I adore good people who pray including pastors, prophets, imams, etcetera. I am not comfortable around fake ones who are extremely greedy and heartless.

Imagine the other day, a pastor got a Nigerian controversial journalist locked up in Nigeria. She was arrested for almost a year over a defamatory statement where she exposed the pastor’s adulterous lifestyle.


My point is this

Nigerians should be happy to have Sunday Adelaja, Daddy freeze, and a few other good-hearted people who are opening their eyes. Please, it is not an attack on men or women of God but the truth is this; why are there prevalent crimes, killings, kidnappings, and hate each day?

Why are people so frustrated and filled with hate to the extent that some partners kill or maim their spouses or partners during conflicts?

Why do more people jump into the lagoon in Lagos to commit suicide?

Why are there many kidnappings and ritual killings?

Why are we seeing increased unemployment and nepotism?

Common, let us face reality, these men and women who claim to be ambassadors of God should focus on those problems affecting people instead of asking their members to pay money they cannot afford.

Look at the state of Nigeria today, it is deteriorating. Most people cannot afford two meals a day talk less of three, their pastors still insist that they should pay their tithes, extras, and offerings when their kids have been sent home from school for non payment of fees, it is not fair at all.

Kindly sit together and help solve these problems affecting people, not imposing on them to pay tithes, offerings, and extras with the controlling spirit of attacking. Some so-called pastors do indirectly use threatening words such as; ‘you will go to hell if you do not pay your tithes’. Some say, ‘your prayer will not be answered if you do not pay your tithes’ and so on.

The same Bible teaches us to test the spirit in a church. Also, ‘by their fruits, we shall know them’…………what does your fruit depict?? 

Are you a true servant of God or the fake one? Only you truly know the truth!


Pay your tithes and offerings and give charity to the poor only if you can afford it, not if you are imposed on 

In conclusion; it is good to give out of love, not regret, it is good to pay tithes and offerings even support the poor but that’s only if you can afford it.

Some people are scared of their pastors rather than reading the word of God.

Pastors are not closer to God than any other human being, we are all one before God. Pastors should advise their members to give whatever they can afford after looking after their family first.

That’s my opinion.

Where are all those genuine and humble religious people like those we had in the past? Those we had in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s?

God save the people!


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