I think it is fair if a lot of people including myself, had that opportunity of reading more about the good and bad things expected on social media, like Facebook to begin with. Maybe, some of us wouldn’t have taken some nasty comments personally!   

We meet different people on social media, including Facebook

We meet a lot of people on Facebook, but we choose a few to talk, interact and laugh with. Maybe suddenly, some of them may decide to start insulting you over some of your posts or even refuse to respond to you or feel too important to appreciate your updates like before that shouldn’t bother you. In fact, try to move to better groups where hundreds of like-minded people will appreciate your posts.  Feel free to either remove those negative people or ignore them, it’s easy for negative people to gossip about you but laugh pretentiously at your achievements.


Don’t mock people 

A widow was once happily married, a divorced man or woman was once happily married, a single man or woman has the hope of being happy too, so if you feel being married is a weapon to mock others you are deceiving yourself because you know the pain in those shoes. Do you laugh every day? A lot of insults from some people on social media needs to stop. Being on social media doesn’t give access for some people to be nasty towards innocent people there. Only if you truly know where some are coming from and what they are today! 

Be polite.




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