Subconsciously we think an army of friends will lead us to happiness 

It is not by force to count hundreds of unuseful friends who have nothing positive to add to your life except destruction. Some friends might not be useful financially but other ways, some are useful as friends to motivate you and advice. Who is your friend today? A friend who adds value to your life or one who add bitterness in such a way to deflate your positive energy?? Be free to let go of wrong people so those wrong things will stop happening to you. A wrong association can kill happiness, you do not need that. Who is your friend? And who are you? Birds of the same feathers flock together. If you are a hardworking focused person, how can you be seen with a lazy unemployed person who enjoys too many dramas in his or her life? If you are an honest person, how can you enjoy friendship with a thief who lies a lot? As time goes on, you start dropping off the wrong group of people, who have no value to your life…..leaving avenues for opportunities opened. That’s when intellectuals with positive visions start cropping in. Toxic people will rush out because that positive-serious vibe becomes too hot for them especially when they can feel that you are not listening to their negative stories, appalling suggestions or advice. Positive people are those you need in your life not too many quantities whose only plan is to see you down. ‘I have known that person since childhood or my parents grew up with them’, it doesn’t mean you are good together. Yes, help them when necessary but do not have any kind of friendship or relationship with them if they are toxic. 


Choose a friend wisely not due to sentiments

My friend helped me pick up my extra bags when it rained 200 years ago, ever since then I never stopped being friends with her, so what? Pay her back with loads of kindness and remain friends only, if you both think alike but never be friends if your attitude and her clash. For instance, if you are a hard working person who always enjoys brainstorming and she is a gossip who has no job because she is lazy, how can you be friends with her? Pay her back with loads of kindness but move away. Someone who comes to your door to gossip about others is only waiting for you to move away so your topic can be the next.

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